Selling my Wares – 22/03/17

Selling my Wares – 22/03/17

The aim of my studio at Hanley Farm Business Centre, is to provide a hub of creativity and to inspire the participants on my classes – so naturally there are quite a few mosaics dotted around. Recently, I’ve had several enquiries from visitors to my studio wanting to buy my little samples, but as they are an essential part of my teaching process, I can’t sell them. Continue reading

Family Time. Do something different.

Family time. Do something different – 02/01/17

Like many people at this time of year, we had family come to visit over the Christmas period. The weather wasn’t that great so we couldn’t get out for a walk and blow the cobwebs away, so we decided to do something different. On a blustery Saturday afternoon, my husband, daughters, brother-in-law, his wife and children headed off to my studio, armed with a leftover chocolate log and teabags, for an afternoon of creative fun. Continue reading

A degree in Knitting

A degree in Knitting  – 14/9/16

Once upon a time there was a little art student who went to university in Manchester and studied a BA Honours Degree in Constructed Textiles and Fashion.

This degree was a varied programme of study and over the three years, the little art student had many different briefs to work on, including many opportunities to draw, paint and generally be creative. There were also options to try a little bit of fashion design and this particular little art student remembers clearly a project that had to be inspired by the fashion of the Tudors and now, looking back, she can see why her teachers were not digging her revival of the codpiece and ruffled neck. Continue reading

Do what you love, love what you do

Do what you love, love what you do – 29/04/16

There have been many times I’ve left after delivering a workshop, party or school project and felt incredibly fortunate to have been paid for something I love doing. I remember running an arty party a couple of years ago, for a ten year old girl and six of her friends. I spent a couple of hours with the girls making vintage themed headbands and bracelets whilst listening to gorgeous 1950s music on an old record player. Continue reading

Hot Pink Cow – 20/03/16

Hot Pink Cow – 20/03/16

I remember the countless times I moaned to my Mum back in the 80s, because friends had ‘copied’ me. They had bought the same ‘Frankie say’s Relax’ t-shirt, had the same bubble perm or wore the same lace glove on their right hand (I was a huge fan of Madonna in her ‘Dress you up’ phase at the time). Continue reading

Setting Sail – 31/1/16

Setting Sail – 31/1/16

I’ve been a self-employed, freelance artist and facilitator for nearly five years. In that time, I have run my business from home, taking over the kitchen table and the entire house with endless art projects and materials. My husband and daughters had become highly skilled at dodging artwork, in complete S.A.S style, that has regularly filled the dining room floor. Continue reading

A sheep, a charity and me


A sheep, a charity and me – 14/10/15

Last week I went to a charity auction, but this was not any charity auction, this was a charity auction raising money for sick children in hospital. Giant models of a well-loved children’s animated character, Shaun the Sheep, were being sold to raise money and it just so happened that I had painted one. Continue reading