To the Inspiring Creativity Subscription Box Service.

The idea behind my subscription box, is that no matter where you live, you can still participate in one of my mosaic workshops but, instead of you coming to my studio, I deliver the mosaic magic straight to your door.

Each month you will receive a beautifully presented surprise monthly kit, completely designed and curated by me. It will contain everything you need to create a unique mini mosaic, delivered straight to you, through the post. It provides a fun and welcome opportunity for regular, quality & creative downtime that you can enjoy in your own home.

As well as the mosaic kit, it will also include:

  1. An exclusive ‘Inspiring Creativity’ colourful enamel pin badge delivered on the first month of your subscription.
  2. A selection of extra tiles in a surprise colour theme, sent each month to help build your mosaic stash.
  3. Membership to a closed Facebook group community for extra inspiration, ideas and support.
  4. Regular exclusive discounts off tools, workshops and special offer product bundles.

The cost is £22.50 per month or, if you prefer, you can pay a one-off payment for 12 months and get a 10% discount.

(Paying a total of £243 instead of £270).

You will need to be signed up by the 30th of the month, ready in time for the dispatch date which will be the 15th of the following month.

Please read our Terms and Conditions for full details.

What people say:

'I was so excited to receive the boxes and see what the shape was that month'.

'A warm and fuzzy moment when the box arrives and trying to delay opening it always fails'.

'Loved the whole process. It is like therapy, which is also why I like jigsaw puzzles. I have a crazy challenging job and this is something I can do to unwind and think my thoughts'.

'Like a gift to ourselves, you have to have a treat now and then'

'It was absorbing and good to forget everything and concentrate'.

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