A visit to the Snowdrops

wye valley snowdrop

Just like the signs of the zodiac, months of the year are also represented in beautiful blooms and are known as birth flowers. In 2023, I launched a range of make-at-home mosaic kits that guide you in creating your very own birth flower. These flowers are seasonal and are often associated with the qualities that reflect the individual born during that month.

Although we are currently in February, which is represented by the dinky, purple Violet, on Sunday I made a trip to the beautiful Wye Valley Sculpture Garden in Tintern. A stunning space, nestled in the Wye Valley and home to the talented sculptor, Gemma-Kate Wood, the sculpture garden is set on a slope, with winding paths and secret hidey-holes, creating a magical place to visit. It is home to many of Gemma’s striking metal and glass sculptures, they sit proudly on display, overlooking the garden and with a stunning backdrop of the Wye Valley in the distance. In addition to the impressive artworks though, the garden is also planted with more than eighty different varieties of Snowdrop – the official bloom for January. The Wood family, with a background in botany, have spent many decades cultivating the three acres of woodland and garden, which they open to the public, especially for the Snowdrop season, so its beauty can be admired by many.

Snowdrops, a delicate and pretty, white bell-shaped flower, are one of the first blooms of Spring and as well as looking beautiful, creating a dappled white carpet in the woodlands and gardens, like all birth flowers, they also have special symbolism. Snowdrops represent re-birth, new beginnings and hope.

When I thought up the idea of making mosaic birth flower kits, my intention was to create them for people’s birthdays, so by choosing the relevant month the flower would become the default. But it doesn’t necessarily have to work like that. My Snowdrop kit is a perfect present to gift to someone who has a birthday in January, but it can also be used to offer a special message too. If you know someone who needs hope or perhaps is embarking on new beginnings, the January birth flower kit is perfect for that too. And, if you prefer, you can leave out the name of the month and replace it with a positive and uplifting word like ‘hope’ or ‘rebirth’ instead. Just message me at the time of ordering and I will pop the new word in your package for you. Here’s a link to the Snowdrop kit: HERE

And don’t forget, if you would like to see Snowdrops in abundance, then the Wye Valley Sculpture Garden will have their final weekend of opening for the Snowdrop season on the 16th to 18th of February 2024. Here’s their website for more details: www.wyevalleysculpturegarden.co.uk

Happy exploring!


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