Craft Workshops

A little you time goes a long way

When was the last time you took the opportunity to focus properly on that new interest, that skill you’d love to acquire or just a bit of me time?

Life can be so busy but it’s essential for us all to press pause and invest a little time in ourselves. Time away from the everyday stresses and strains of modern life is a real treat. It’s so important to have a change of scene, a chance to recharge and the time to give a little bit back to yourself. Learning a new skill or developing a neglected one is always a constructive and growing experience and here at Rachel Shilston - Inspiring Creativity you’ll find lots of ways to take time out either through in-person hands-on experiences, online workshops or make-at-home kits.

So, no matter where you are in the world and what your situation is, you'll find something that will support you in a little bit of creative down time.



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