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Book me and my studio by the hour for one to one support on your mosaic projects.

Whether you're new to the craft and a mosaic virgin or dabbled before and open to new ideas, then my private tuition could be for you. You can pick my brains, try new ideas and get the support you need to make your mosaic vision a reality.

It costs £30 per hour, which includes refreshments, but materials will be extra. 

A minimum of two hours needs to be booked but you can stay as long as you like if your budget allows, each hour over the minimum will be charged at £30. Or, bring a friend and the hourly rate goes down to £25 per hour per person.

Private tuition needs to be booked in advance, so please get in touch to book your slot via email (

Please note: As I mainly deliver public workshops at weekends, private tuition will be subject to availability at those times. Weekdays, either day or evening, are preferable.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements and mosaic project! 


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