What people have said about Rachel’s work:

Rachel came to both our schools, Robinswood and Waterwells to work on mosaics. She designed two beautiful circular ‘Welcome’ mosaics to display at the front of our schools and also a bespoke set of letters which spelt the word BEST from our school vision ‘Be the BEST you can be’.

The approach Rachel took with the children was inclusive and inspiring. She had a fantastic manner with all the children from Reception to Y6, which is a real talent. The staff talked most highly of her and enjoyed her company and the artistic flare she bought to the school. She will be top of my list for recommendations to any other school.

Thank you Rachel.

Robinswood & Waterwells Schools

Rachel worked with all the pupils in our school to create a wall hanging celebrating our school values. When the completed work was first shown to the pupils, parents and staff in assembly there was a spontaneous “wow” from the whole community! The wall hanging is now in our entrance hall and we have had lots of positive comments from visitors to the school. Thanks Rachel!

Ruardean C of E school

Rachel carried out a fantastic whole-school mosaic project with our school, ensuring everyone was involved and felt they were a part of the project. The end result was stunning and encapsulated our school Christian values in an easily accessible visual form. I would recommend her work to anyone wholeheartedly.

Woodchester Endowed CE School, Stroud.

Rodborough Youth Project runs activities for young people aged 11 – 16 years old every Friday evening. We were delighted to have Rachel Shilston join us for 2 sessions. Rachel engaged really well with the young people, and understood that club ethos, allowing the young people to participate when they were ready. The mural that they created is vibrant, colourful and is something the young people are very proud of. We would highly recommend Rachel to any group looking to create a unique art project.

Rodborough Youth Project

Rachel has worked with several projects at St John’s C of E Academy.  She has helped inspire the children create their own project ideas, and then turn them into creative, stunning mosaics and banners.  Rachel is both talented and inspirational and has an excellent rapport with children and adults.

St Johns C of E school

We commissioned Rachel Shilston to design a mosaic to advertise our holiday cottage business. Rachel visited us and really listened to what we wanted in the design and took her inspiration from our home and garden. We found Rachel really friendly and open to all ideas. She recommended that we redesign our bistro table which we felt was amazing and were delighted with her design proof . She took the table away and produced a wonderful mosaic which we loved. We now use the design on our business advertising and social media . Rachel has a real talent for design and we would have no hesitation in recommending Rachel for personal commissions.

David & Tracey Jervis – Parish Mill Holidays, Longhope

Rachel worked alongside a number of children to generate and develop imaginative ideas for how to develop the school’s library spaces. She captured the children’s imaginations in her designs, involved them in every part of the process and inspired them to start using the library more.

Forest View Primary School

It is rare to find practitioners who achieve the fine balance between allowing the children to have control of a project and yet at the same time are able to direct the project in just the right way. Rachel was superb, the children’s ideas were all valued and the project was guided by those ideas. The artwork which was produced reflected all of the pupils original thoughts for the spooky mural and they were involved in all stages of its creation.

Longlevens Junior School

Rachel has worked with the children at Abbemead Primary School to create a stunning textile representing Gloucester city and the surrounding area. The project allowed the children to celebrate their city in an extremely creative way. The children had the sense of working together on building the piece, which was very important, but there was also lots of opportunity for their individual ideas and input. This was a unique opportunity for our children to work with different fabrics and techniques being led by a very talented artist.

Abbeymead Primary School

Rachel has worked with myself and staff at Primrose Hill Primary School in planning a series of beautiful and imaginative murals both inside and outside our school. She has a real gift of taking a simple idea and creating something visually stunning but highly practical in the space given. Rachel has the ability to take the ideas of others adding her own – but only where this is appropriate and desired! Rachel is great at working with children, both in the planning and the painting of works.

Primrose Hill C of E School

Rachel worked with 70 Year 1 children to create a spectacular textile representation of the story The Journey by Nick Griffiths. The children worked collaboratively and had the unique opportunity to work with different fabrics and techniques. The children and staff all enjoyed and valued this experience and the finishing product is a testimonial to Rachel’s talents as an artist. It was a real pleasure to work with Rachel and she has given my colleagues and myself some very creative and inspirational ideas that we can use in the classroom. Thank you!

Haresbrook Infant School

I contacted Rachel as we needed the entrance to our school to reflect our ethos and had decided to use a visual representation to do this. Rachel initially worked with twelve children to create ideas for the mural that showed what they enjoy about playtime at school and their relationships with other pupils.She then used all the pupils’ responses to create a dynamic and eye-catching display which has been envied by everyone who works at or visits our school. Whilst we were only able to have 18 children paint the mural, over two days, the rest of our pupils were so motivated by Rachel’s work that we allowed them to paint smaller pictures to be placed elsewhere around the building.It is a credit to Rachel that one picture can create such a positive impact and I am very proud to be able to show case the pupils’ and Rachel’s work. We look forward to inviting Rachel back to do more work in the future.

Dinglewell Junior School

In my home gym there is a small edge running along the edge of the ceiling. I had thought to myself many times that this would be the perfect home for an inspirational quote and had come close to picking up a paint brush myself, despite being not artistically blessed.Fortunately Rachel Shilston joined the CAP business group. I decided to recruit Rachel’s help and she was on the ball immediately. She came by to assess the wall and soon suggested the length of quote, a range of ideal fonts, a timescale for completion and her very low charge. She came by on schedule to complete the work and was quickly finished, finishing an excellent job in less time than predicted and offered me a discount due to less time on site. A discount I had to refuse point blank. The work was perfect and the quote “If my mind can conceive it and my heart can believe it then I can achieve it”.Now forms the ethos of everything we do at Adfitness. I would not hesitate in recommending Rachel Shilston of Inspiring Creativity to anyone who needs the services of this excellent community artist.

Chris Adams, ADFitness

My pupils loved working with Rachel and responded well to her kind approach and professional manner. The finished banner is outstanding and the pupils are rightfully very proud of their work. Thanks again Rachel, we hope to work with you again soon.

St John’s Academy, Coleford

Rachel came to Hardwicke to help plan the centre piece for our spiritual garden. As a school we made the decision to use locally sourced materials and professionals from the surrounding area. It was really important for us to include a whole school art project in our garden so that every child and staff member would have the opportunity to contribute. Rachel worked closely with our ideas and together we planned a stunning mosaic which depicts the spiritual symbols that are so important to our school.
Rachel worked closely with me to plan a clear schedule which meant there was very little disruption to the school day. Rachel worked with every child and staff member over the week. I had previously arranged a recycle project where the children collected old plates to use in the mosaic and they were so impressed at how a few broken plates could be given a new lease of life within the mosaic.
Rachel is clearly passionate about each project she undertakes and has a naturally calm approach to her work. She showed patience throughout the week, not easy working with four hundred and twenty excited children! She has a great rapport with the children especially some of our SEN pupils where she showed great sensitivity. She was tolerant and encouraging working one to one which enabled each child to contribute.
I would highly recommend Rachel for any school project, she sees the project through from beginning to end and our finished mosaic is an absolutely stunning creation and far exceeds our original plan. Thank you so much Rachel.

Hardwicke Parochial Primary school

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littledean primary school mosaic
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