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Do you charge for an initial meeting?

For a virtual meeting via Zoom, there is no charge, but for an in person, non-obligatory chat, to discuss your ideas and to look at potential sites around your school to house a mosaic artwork, then I will need to charge for my time and travel.

I’m not sure what sort of project I want, can you advise?

Absolutely! I trained as an art teacher and have been making mosaics for a number of years with schools, so have lots of ideas and ‘tried and tested’ projects that I can suggest.

Do you make artwork for interior and exterior?

Yes. Mosaics are suitable for indoors or outdoors, but the right materials need to be used and the location also needs to be right to ensure that the mosaic will last.

How many children can you work with?

Schools vary greatly in size and I have worked on a mosaic project for a school with 430 pupils, but in contrast, have also delivered a project to a school with only 34 pupils. I am experienced in managing a mosaic project to suit the size of any school.

Where would you facilitate the workshops?

It depends on you but most schools have a library, resource room, spare classroom that can be used. This allows me to leave my equipment and resources out for the duration of the project, rather than packing it away at the end of every day. Ideally an indoor space is preferable. However the size required is relatively small, so I am more than happy to be flexible and work within the space available.

Will it be messy?

There will be some mess in terms of adhesive/grout and small pieces of mosaic tiles, but I ensure that all surfaces are covered, plus tape down tarpaulins onto the floor, just to protect any surfaces.

Do the children need aprons?

Yes, just to be on the safe side.

Can all children be involved?

Yes. Mosaic is suitable from pre-school and upwards.

Do you need a member of staff with you?

I am DBS checked so it is not necessary to have a member of staff with me, although sometimes it can be useful to have another person to be a ‘runner’ to collect groups and an extra pair of hands for pre-school/reception classes are always welcome.

Can mosaic projects link to the curriculum?

Yes. For example, I have created the whole river system in mosaic with an infant school, plus linked projects to the Romans, Gaudi and native animals, but the possibilities are endless.

Can our school ‘Values’ be represented in mosaic?

Yes, and this is one of the most popular subject matters. I have generic images that I can use or you may want to suggest your own.

Can adults get involved?

Absolutely. I believe that mosaic is a perfect medium for everyone in the whole school community to be involved and actively encourage teachers, TAs, lunchtime supervisors and governors to ‘add their bit’.

How long do children spend with you?

Depending on the size of your school, children visit me in groups of about 6 and stay with me for about 20 to 30 minutes.

Are the artworks guaranteed?

Yes, the mosaics are guaranteed for one year and in the unlikely event of something going wrong, repairs will be carried out free of charge in the first year. After that, a small charge to carry out maintenance will apply.


Do you teach anything else other than mosaic?

Yes, I trained as a Secondary School Art Teacher, so have a wealth of knowledge about other art projects and I also offer mural, textiles and sculpture.

I hope that helps to answer all of your questions, but please do not hesitate to get in touch if I’ve missed something at

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