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Why colour is key

Colour has always been a key element in my work. Read More

The three S’s

When these three words all beginning with S are uttered together, they have the power of filling the calmest, most collected parents into a state of hysteria. Read More

So where do you get your creativity from?

People often ask me where I get my creativity from and I really do have to blame the parents. Read More

An Eclectic Life

The other day, I found a little journal I started to write back in 2008, to record the shenanigans of life with a young family. Read More

An Eclectic Artist

Back in January 2015 I joined CAP Business Club. Read More

My top 5 FREE things to do with kids on the beach

So the summer holidays are here! As a Mum, that used to fill me with relief at the thought of a six week vacation from the dreaded packed lunch prep,… Read More

Mosaics at Littledean Primary C of E School (WIP)

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve had the pleasure working with all of the pupils at Littledean C of E Primary School. Read More

The Good Life

I’ve had three logos over the years and they’ve all been flowers. Read More

Walmore Hill Primary School Mosaic

For the last couple of days, I’ve had the pleasure in working at Walmore Hill Primary – one of the tiniest primary schools in Gloucestershire. Read More

Ahoy there Scrumpty

It was amazing to be part of the Shaun in the City sculpture trail in London earlier this year, knowing my design ‘Baa-bushka’ was grazing outside Liberty in Carnaby Street. Read More

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