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Setting Sail

I’ve been a self-employed, freelance artist and facilitator for nearly five years. Read More

As smiley as a Carol

This week I moved into my studio – a brand new HQ for Rachel Shilston – Inspiring Creativity. Read More

Bideford Black

Here’s a question for you. Read More

Farewell Place

Yesterday I witnessed the artist Magdelena Jetalova, start the charcoal burn of her sculpture ‘Place’ on the Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail. Read More

A sheep, a charity and me

Last week I went to a charity auction, but this was not any charity auction, this was a charity auction raising money for sick children in hospital. Read More

The Crafty Hen

(Parent Advisory – there is a bit of fruity language, but I’ve been the consummate professional by cunningly disguising the words with asterisks. Read More

Why colour is key

Colour has always been a key element in my work. Read More

The three S’s

When these three words all beginning with S are uttered together, they have the power of filling the calmest, most collected parents into a state of hysteria. Read More

So where do you get your creativity from?

People often ask me where I get my creativity from and I really do have to blame the parents. Read More

An Eclectic Life

The other day, I found a little journal I started to write back in 2008, to record the shenanigans of life with a young family. Read More

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